#Christmas market in Zagreb – Third best in the world
December 1, 2019
Zagreb hit by earthquake while in coronavirus lockdown on 22.03.2020. at 06:24
April 14, 2020
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Visit Zagreb – Visit Croatia

Hi, haven’t been on line some time…Been travelling and thank God I did, because now with this crazy situation and corona virus I don’t know when will be our next time to enjoy Asia. Last Sunday a group of tour guides made little video clip to say we are still safe, to come to Croatia and hopefully I hope it will stay and it will not happened what it did in Italy. I wanted to be in the video too, but I was a support from home as I had a flue not corona hopefully. I am still alive. These 3 weeks with CODVID 19 has gone beyond anything and everything since I am alive. Anyway have a look, we are still here and waiting for you to visit Zagreb. If not now than soon.

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