Story of Licitar heart – Symbol of love (Zagreb)

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Story of Licitar heart – Symbol of love (Zagreb)

Story of Licitar heart – Symbol of love

Croatian tradition and well-known love symbol of Zagreb and it’s surroundings.

To give a “Licitar heart” to someone, it is not just giving your affection and love but also your heart as well.

Most often it is given to the people you care, but in old days it was a symbol of love when a boy wanted to show his love to the girl. That’s why the mirror. Mirror was a proof that he is the one! When s boy gave heart to the girl he went behind her, when a girl looked at a heart she saw his reflection in the mirror and she knew he was the right one for her. (Today would say: Selfie!)

Licitar is a colourful decorated sweet dough, made out of honey or sugar, flour, eggs and water, while the vibrant colours used are also edible.

History of making Licitars hearts goes all the way to medieval time to 15 century and monks were the first ones who made it in monasteries. Secret of making has been kept for centuries. Even today it is a secret and recipe is passed on from generation to generation.

Today Licitar heart has still kept it’s original purpose, but become more like a souvenir but it’s beauty was recognised by UNESCO so it is listed on UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage.

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